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“Every Step of the Way… Because Relocating
or Downsizing Can Be Stressful to Anyone”

Professional Move Management-Organizing/Overseeing/Packing/Unpacking

Relocating can be stressful to anyone, but here at AHA Concierge Services, we can help you ease through your transition with less stress and more free time for you. We are here to help you every step of the way with everything from finding a moving company to packing to helping decorate and organize your new home. Plus, after you move, we can assist you with transportation to medical appointments, prescription pick-up, and management of your bills behalf of you. We work with you and your loved ones and your friends – near or far – to be sure all your needs are met just as YOU wish them to be.

Relocating or Downsizing Can Be Stressful to Anyone!

  • Making a plan for your move
  • Downsizing guidance – sort, declutter, organize, donations, design a personalized floor plan
  • Estate sale and auction coordination
  • Disposing/hauling trash
  • Arranging and coordinating/managing move quotes and vendor services
  • Packing and unpacking–organize new home, make beds, hang pictures, connect electronics
  • Acquiring design services–paint, windows treatments, carpeting, alarm system
  • Managing documents–organize files and shred as needed purchasing items for your new home
  • Providing organizational services
  • Booking handyman work

We are here to help you as your transition to your new home with the senior moving services and assistance you need to reduce your stress, alleviate your worry, and make your move pleasant and enjoyable whenever you are downsizing, moving to be nearer to family or just taking a new path on your journey.

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Your “Moving Team” With Pre-Move, During and Post-Move

From Your House To Your New Home

AHA Moving Team help families with both the emotional and physical aspects that arises when changes in home environment occur either out of choice or by necessity. Having a support system for people of all ages is essential when family members are not available to the process.

  • We are experienced in working with seniors and their families.
  • Explaining the whole process and creating an atmosphere that assures that they remain in complete control.
  • Update new home as needed–i.e. ramps, support/safety bars and etc.
  • Measuring furniture, creating a customized floor plan and making all logistical arrangements at the new residence.
  • Help declutter and sell, donate or dispose of excess.
  • Unpacking, setting up the household, and removing boxes at the new residence.
  • Assist with any follow up or ongoing needs.

Our Moving Team includes your family members and your loved ones, whether they are local or long distance. We assure that everything is taken care of on your behalf.

We can do a lot or a little, it’s all up to the client’s needs. View our additional services list.


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From Your House To Your New Home

Time is a precious gift and what better way to show someone you care than with gift certificates from AHA Auxilio-HomeAide Personal Concierge Services. They are a wonderful way of saying “thank you”, to your family, friends, employees and clients, and are welcome for any occasions with our Personal Concierge Services. Our Personal Concierge Services are offered on an hourly rate, ala carte basis.

Rates are as follows:

$65 per hour

$95 per hour (weekends and holidays)

Rates are billed in 30 minute increments.

Please select from our Personal Concierge Service options below.

1 hour: Prepaid Personal Concierge Services $65 Email Us mail-icon
5 hours: Prepaid Personal Concierge Services $295 Email Us mail-icon
10 hours: Prepaid Personal Concierge Services $575 Email Us mail-icon
Tailored Packages: Personal Concierge Services Email Us mail-icon

For additional information, please call us at 408-489-9674.

If your needs are unique, we can create a Personal Concierge Service plan and pricing structure that fits your individual requirements. An estimate of charges will be reviewed with you before any service is performed.