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Use A Hand At Your Own Home With Activities
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Frequently Asked Questions for In-Home Health

1. What type of home aide services does AHA provide?

We are here to serve you to keep you safe, healthy and happy. Our caregivers can enhance your quality of life by providing a safe environment in the comfort of your own home. Social isolation and lack of good nutrition are two primary factors in hospitalizations and nursing home placement, which we can help to avoid.


Our services are:

  • In Home Aide
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Concierge
  • Personal Assistance
  • Personal
  • Care/Hygiene
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Exercising/Wellness
  • Positioning
  • Companionship and homemaking
  • Relocation
  • Travelling arrangement

2. Can AHA arrange for occasional transportation to doctor’s appointment?

Transportationto medical appointments can be arranged in a few hours, but the more notice given is always better. This allow us to meet with you ahead of time so that you know what to expect and feel comfortable with the whole process. A regular planned schedule can be set up, or the caregiver can be used on an “as needed” basis.

3. How does AHA select its caregivers? 

We place advertisements and attract applications through the internet, contact occupational schools, participate in job fairs. We screen our employees that include background checks and verification of qualifications. All our caregivers have at least one year of experience to insure that each employee that we send out has all the skills to address the needs of each our client.

4. What happens if I have some sort of medical emergency during my care?

911 is immediately called in the event of a medical emergency. We train our caregivers when they are hired with annual updates. We also ask our clients to post a list of emergency numbers by the phone at their home and put them in order that they should be called. However, 911 would usually be the first call if it is a true emergency.

5. How can my loved one check the quality of care I receive from caregivers?

Your loved one should be involved in your care. Get to know the caregivers and supervisors providing and managing your care. If they see anything in your home that concerns them, report it immediately no matter hohw insignificant their observation may seem. They should try to visit you frequently; however, if they live out of the area, they should find someone you both trust to make the visits for them. Lastly, we also provide a chart book, and the caregivers note all important information for you to review. Family members have full access to the charts and the notes can be scanned and emailed if you wish.

6. Why would I not just put an ad in the paper and find someone on my own?

Working with AHA has major advantage. We are licensed and insured California Home Health Agency, offering you a great deal of protection. All our caregivers are thoroughly screened, trained and run through background check.

7. What do caregivers do if they are in my home while I am asleep at night?

If you have night time home aide, the caregivers are there to ensure your safety and are alert and available should you need help. Caregiver can also do household tasks during that time such as laundry, ironing or other quiet tasks that need to be done around your home. During our first meeting with you, we will discuss the care needed and tasks that can be done to make best use of the assistance you need.

8. I am going for outpatient surgery or just preparing to leave the hospital. How can you help?

We make life a lot easier for you. We can pick you up and take you to surgery and home (or home from the hospital), pick up needed medications, and perhaps shop for you to stock your home with needed items. Then, we can make sure you get home and settled comfortable and can help you out while you recover. During that time, we can shop and cook for you and help with laundry and household chores so you can focus on recovering. You may be groggy after surgery and need someone to remind you to take your medications, which we can do that too. We can assist you getting in and out of bed, to the bathroom, any other personal care needed. If you need ride to follow up appointments we can do that as well.

9. I need help to do my favorite activities including going to dinner and other cultural events, what can AHA do for me?

Our concierge/elite caregiver service is available for your social activities. Specifically selected home caregivers with diverse backgrounds serve you as you wish to attend cultural events, charitable events, or a great evening on the town. These caregivers are home health aides, so if you need help to the restroom or assistance in and out of the care, they are trained to handle that, but they also go above and beyond in making events enjoyable. These elite caregivers know how to dress appropriately for events, proper etiquette and have great convesational skills. They are often semi-retired individuals who are travelled, worked in a variety of fields, and often had similar life experiences to many of our clients.

10. Are there a minimum number of hours per visit?

We do our best to accommodate you and can be flexible to meet your home health care needs.

11. Does my physician have to authorize your services?

You don’t need pre-authorization for AHA Auxilio HomeAide services. You decide the services you need, when to start those services and how often you want those services. If you want us to bill to your private insurance (such as long-term care insurance), we are happy to assist you with the entire “benefit coordination” process. This may include providing any documentation you need for reimbursement by an insurance carrier.

12. Can I discontinue or change the services I receive?

The care situation can quickly change; therefore, you can change the type of care we provide whenever you think it is necessary. Our contracts are not long term so you can be flexible based on your needs.

13. Does AHA have medication reminder services?

This is one of the most requested service and we do assist our clients in reminding to take their medications as well as reporting any side effects.

If you could use a hand with activities of daily living such as in-home health aide, concierge, meal preparation, personal assistance, companion care, transportation, you may consider utilizing a caregiver for your needs. We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide some of the most frequently asked questions.