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A Balance Between “What You Want To Do” and
“What You Have To Do”

In reality, you can not be in two places at once. We are reliable, responsible, educated adults who take pride in our work and enjoy helping others.

Let’s get started!


AHA helps you organize and streamline your likes, wants and needs to balance your life. We provide excellent personalized and professional reliable concierge services by utilizing our experience, creativity and knowledge of the Bay Area.

You know how important it is to balance time between career and personal life. Personal concierge services can range from picking up groceries for a new parent or senior citizen, to delivering lunch for a company whose employees are engaged in an all-day meeting, to being an extra set of hands during a busy time for you.

Balance Your Life… There are no longer enough hours in a day to accomplish all that is required for both home and work exacting a heavy price on our quality of life. Our goal is to provide impeccable services to our clients while improving their lifestyle in their own home around their schedule.


Alleviate the Stress of Health-Related Situations… Whether you have an elderly parent with special needs, or are recovering from an illness or surgery, we can help with your care. We can pick up prescription, run light errands, feed pets–any and all elements that help to keep your life running and your focus on healing.

We work with each client individually and do what is necessary to customize a solution for your needs.

Your Professional Concierge Services

Personal Concierge: AHA is here to take care of your growing “to do list” so you can focus on family, work, friends and what you enjoy. Consider us “outsourcing specialists” you can trust and rely on.

  • Busy Professonal
  • Senior Citizens
  • Recuperating Patients
  • New Parents

“Summer Time” Concierge: Leave the shopping to us, and spend your time with your loved ones enjoying your vacation home has to offer. We will purchase, deliver and put away your groceries and manage all necessary preparation before your arrival; so you can start your vacation out right!

You Are Invited to Continue Your Journey With Us!

Canan Sonuk, founder, is a seasoned professional who understands the juggling act between family and career responsibilities. Drawing on her over twenty five years experience in the corporate world plus the employment of providing support to people to improve their quality of lives, AHA was created.

Canan’s unique combination of experience will provide you the best customer service you need in your own home where you feel safe and comfortable. She and her team are your ‘eyes and ears’ locally to ensure your wellbeing.

Canan has a Master’s degree in Health Management and Policy from Oregon State University, OMPH program. “It is our commitment to continues education which is the key to our success besides the good people we surroud ourselves through our life journey” says Canan.

During her six months internship as a student aide at the State Capitol, Canan advised Senator Monnes-Anderson on the range of public policy issues. She worked with the Committee to have Telemedicine Bill, SB 24, got approved in the State Capitol.

She is a member of The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and also a member of the Rotary Club of San Jose Silicon Valley and Foundation.

Learning isn’t simply about reaching a final destination. It’s rather about an ongoing lifelong journey that strives to focus on being the best we can possibly be, she says. Canan invities you to continue your journey with AHA Auxilio-HomeAide team where the services are offered in your own home, around your own schedule and on your own terms.


AHA is committed to deliver compassionate, honest and cost effective quality in home aide, concierge, and personal assistant services with a sense of warmth and kindness to you, and those who love and care for you, our employees, the communities in which we serve and those who are yet to become our clients who want to live with dignity and doing what you enjoy in your own home where you feel safe and supported.