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Alzheimer’s Accountability Act

  July 2, 2015  |   Share

Caregiver Coffee with Congressman Mike Honda and Dr. Michael Greicius, MD, Standford School of Medicine, and Ruth Gay, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Currently, nearly one in every five Medicare dollars is being spend on a person with Alzheimer’s in 2014, the diesase is projected to cost the United States $214 billion. You can help stop the Alzheimer’s crisis from bankrupting America. Caregivers asked Congressman Mike Honda to co-sponsor the Alzheimer’s Accountability Act, so Congress knows how much funding scientists need to carry out critical research that will change the trajectory of the disease.

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Dr. Michael Greicius, MD, MPH, Associate Professor
of Neurology at Standford
School of Medicine
Congressman Mike Honda Dr. Michael Greicius and
Ruth Gay, Director of Policy

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